Dan Koe : People aren't ignoring you, they are just busy with other people who add more value to their lives.

Gopalavallidasar : Keep yourself busy - https://youtube.com/shorts/vWJaWxDioM4

- Satsang

Sahil Bloom : How to Escape the Busy Trap - https://www.sahilbloom.com/newsletter/how-to-escape-the-busy-trap

Why are you so busy? - https://tomlingham.com/articles/why-are-you-so-busy/ - You should only ever be busy on Purpose

Benjamin Hardy : If you're too busy for these 5 things... Your life is more off-course than you think. https://twitter.com/DrBenjaminHardy/status/1702802136793329852

  1. Too Busy To Organize Your Life
  2. Too Busy To Plan And Invest In Your Future
  3. Too Busy To Track Important Metrics
  4. Too Busy To Pray Or Meditate
  5. Too Busy To Move Toward Your Goals Every Single Day

The Seven Levels of Busy - https://randsinrepose.com/archives/the-seven-levels-of-busy/

  1. not busy
  2. Stuff to do
  3. Significant Commitments
  4. At Capacity
  5. Cracks in the facade
  6. Crushing Commitments
  7. Unsustainable
  8. ( bonus ) Burnout

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