Patriji Purpose of Life … First > be happy healthy successful content … purpose will eventually come and you will sacrifice everything for it … https://youtu.be/PifXdOc-OfE

Mohanji Life Purpose - what is it and how to fulfill it ? https://youtu.be/RRCO0c4RwDo

Radhanath Swami What is the purpose of life ? https://youtu.be/UYqvmkk2I-k … To Love and be loved

Remain dissatisfied, remain alive || Acharya Prashant - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEpTum1t6Zw

- have a high purpose - which can never be fully attained during your life time

- purpose should be liberation / removing Ego

- keep fire burning - choose a mammoth Goal

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar … what is the purpose of my life … it must bug you … https://youtu.be/Xjx-lcixiZw

Sadhguru What is the purpose of life? https://youtube.com/shorts/KeHMfw3egrI


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