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The Focus Formula (How To Take Control Of Your Life) - https://thedankoe.com/the-focus-formula-how-to-take-control-of-your-life/

If you don't have:

- A vision for the future

- Clarity on how to create it

- Lever-moving tasks to focus on

It's safe to bet that you are lost, building someone else's vision with little control over your day.

You need a plan: Disappear And Come Back Unrecognizable (12 Rules To Change Your Life) https://thedankoe.com/letters/disappear-and-come-back-unrecognizable-12-rules-to-change-your-life/

  1. Anti-Vision
  2. Vision
  3. Mission
  4. Standards
  5. Goals
  6. Projects
  7. Education
  8. Limitations
  9. Levers
  10. Challenge
  11. Curiosity
  12. Experimentation

Making Better Decisions

You aren’t where you want to be because:

You didn’t make the choices that led to a purposeful career.

You didn’t make the choices that led to fulfilling relationships.

You didn’t make the choices that led to a healthy and aesthetic body.

You, right now, are the manifestation of your past choices.

So, if you want to take control of who you become, your choices are of utmost importance.

There are 2 things here:

Who you want to become – perspective and zooming out.

The choices that will take you there – perception and zooming in.

The good life is created by constant reminder of your vision and programming the identity that would actualize it through aligned action.

Better decisions come from perspective and perception.

Every day, zoom out and remind yourself of what you don’t want. You don’t need to focus on what you want, because that will make itself apparent through your choices.

Hold that frame at the top of your mind.

Do not allow distractions to penetrate it.

Any time a choice comes up, zoom out and align.

“Will this benefit the future I am trying to create?”

Then, be decisive. Make the decision.

Allow failure into your life so you can correct your behavior the next time around.

Awareness is a cure.

You don’t have to quit all of your bad habits. You just have to view them and their consequences through the lens of your vision for long enough.




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