Sahil Bloom

How to Change Your Life in 1 Year -

Life "cheat codes" everyone should know:

  1. When you think something nice about someone, let them know right then.
  2. Never think twice about investments in yourself. They pay dividends for a long time.
  3. Put your alarm clock in the bathroom. If you have to get up to turn it off, you won't snooze.
  4. ...

The most powerful ideas in life:

  1. Time Billionaire
  2. Darkest Hour Friends
  3. Engineered Serendipity
  4. Leverage
  5. Free Time as a Call Option
  6. Decentralized Friend Groups
  7. Work Like a Lion
  8. Q1 Relationships
  9. The Persuasion Paradox
  10. Inversion
  11. Green Lines vs. Black Lines
  12. Ben Franklin's "Junto"
  13. Build vs. Sell
  14. The Feynman Technique
  15. The Weekend Test
  16. The Eisenhower Decision Matrix
  17. The Regret Minimization Framework
  18. Play To Learn
  19. Positive Sum Magnetism
  20. The Wisdom Paradox
  21. The Power of No
  22. The Zone of Genius

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