Mel Robbins

This text will improve relationship - RAQ what can I do to be a better Partner or Friend to you ?

What do you want your life to look like?

Three things to come to terms with

  1. if they wanted to - they would
  2. no response is a response
  3. not everyone has the same goals or values or hurt - as you do

Three things you need to accept about other People


Three major Truths about Life … moving house after 25 years where kids were raised

  1. what makes a house a home are the People in it
  2. the thing that creates meaning is Experiences vs ( collecting ) Stuff
  3. spend your time with people that you live doing things that you love

You are not a procrastinator … you have a habit of procrastination… big difference …

You do a number of amazing things Daily

Whenever you want to Change Life - expect 2 things

  1. expect no support … from Friends and Family
  2. ignore criticism

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