Meditation … at 4am … https://youtube.com/shorts/yBt-2AX18xk

Sun Sunrise Gold Vallalar https://youtube.com/shorts/invrk5VchlQ

Soaked https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ck7jqHDPN7B/ vs Coffee



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4 things to remember every single day https://youtube.com/shorts/Mn9TgntWGsk

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a Cinema a day … https://youtube.com/shorts/w-4cpUKpA7Y

Write a Note to Your Spouse Every Day - https://jdnoc.com/note/


Here’s a general outline of what I write:

  1. Gratitude (for her, her hard work, her amazing looks, etc.)
  2. What I’m working on today.
  3. What I’m working towards (goals, deadlines, etc.)
  4. Anything I’m excited about.
  5. Anything that’s bothering me (stress, anxiety, pessimism, etc.)
  6. Ideas that I have (parenting, fixing the home, work related, etc.)
  7. Transactional stuff (finances, things I need to take care of, stuff I need to remember, etc.)
  8. Questions (are there any events coming up, are we doing a date night this week, etc.)
  9. Gratitude (for the life we have, the things we have, the time we have, the kids we have, etc.)

I don’t write every section every day, but those are the general categories I usually fall into. The note usually takes me just shy of a half-hour if I’m not distracted.


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