What do you collect?

What would you do if you weren't afraid - von The Facebook red book is the best startup culture book every written - https://twitter.com/amasad/status/1585419934607507456

Question to Sri Sri https://youtube.com/shorts/1mA0BZKnwn0

Jay Shetty why am I doing what am doing … https://youtube.com/shorts/Butjm2cakn4

Love Purpose Family Service vs Greed Comparison Revenge Envy

Who do you Love the most in the world ? https://youtube.com/shorts/l0Bilr7jcCY

How does that work ? https://youtube.com/shorts/maEj0RHnVds

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar answers … will we remember what we did at the time of death … what is the point ? https://youtu.be/GL3Ii3Xj_6g

What are your life goals and daily weekly monthly annual ones ? https://youtube.com/shorts/anxhEKjPJ_s

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