Why you should walk length and breadth of India … https://youtu.be/lXElH8RuU14

I walked 1,000 miles alone through Europe – and learned that Fear is the Price of Freedom - https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2023/sep/08/i-walked-1000-miles-alone-through-europe-and-learned-that-fear-is-the-price-of-freedom

Sahil Bloom : The Single Greatest Habit You Can Build https://www.sahilbloom.com/newsletter/the-single-greatest-habit-you-can-build

6 things you must walk away from in life: https://twitter.com/Visual_Guide_/status/1664253980988276737

  1. Walk away from useless arguments - Only people who have no meaning to their life debate topics that don’t matter.
  2. Walk away from people who deliberately put you down - You become like the people you hang around. Don’t pick friends who lie and say you’re perfect pick friends who tell and help you to be better.
  3. Walk away from the practice of pleasing people who choose to never see your worth - Don’t let people who don’t even know your name control so much of your life. Be yourself because you’re special for who you are.
  4. Walk away from any thought that undermines your peace of mind - Your thoughts control your actions so make sure your thoughts align with the actions you want to make.
  5. Walk away from judgmental People - They do not know the struggle you are facing and what you have been through so just forget them and move on.
  6. Walk away from your mistakes and fears, they do not determine you - Everyone makes mistakes and it’s those that make mistakes and keep fighting that succeed.

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