The role of spouse is immense - https://youtube.com/shorts/u1SQwZJx5zc

  1. 10X or
  2. 0.1X

My spouse excels at choosing the finest watermelons. 🍉👌😄 https://x.com/TansuYegen/status/1704732416588341559


The keys to finding a great spouse, a thread. https://twitter.com/sweatystartup/status/1744728268123914591

David Morris 12 things you need to say to your spouse - immediately (that aren't "I love you"):

  1. "I can't imagine my life without you."
  2. "I enjoy you."
  3. "I'm grateful for you."
  4. "Our marriage is going to make it."
  5. "You're so much fun to be with."
  6. "You're my type."
  7. "I loved it when you..."
  8. "I admire you."
  9. "I was wrong."
  10. "I love coming home to you."
  11. "I support you."
  12. "I trust you."