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  1. Don’t try to find the right woman. - Attract her by becoming the right person.
  2. Women prove loyalty by staying with your when you’re broke. Men prove loyalty by staying with her when she’s sick.
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  4. Men want Respect. Women want appreciation.
  5. Be decisive. Know what you want. She’s attracted to a man who has a strong sense of purpose and leadership.
  6. Women want to be heard. When you try to fix all her problems, she thinks you’re not listening to her.
  7. Women want you to be like a coconut. Tough on the outside, soft on the inside. They want to change you (a little) and bring out your soft side.
  8. Get your finances in order. Money will fix all your money problems (most problems).
  9. Take care of your Health. Women love V-shaped muscular upper bodies (not too muscular)
  10. Focus on communication: Your partner can’t read your mind. You need to be: 1) Direct 2) Honest 3) Vulnerable 4) Don’t play games
  11. Any problems you don’t address in a relationship will come back after marriage. Don’t pretend to be perfect. Vulnerability leads to growth.
  12. Don’t try and change your partner. Instead focus on improving yourself and growing together.
  13. She’ll test you to see if you compromise your values. She wants you to change, but doesn’t actually want you to change (that much). If you change and put her on a pedestal, she will get bored and lose interest.
  14. Top 3 mistakes men make (according to women) 1) Minimize importance of her feelings 2) Listens then blames her for bringing him down 3) Listens then says nothing (stonewalling)
  15. You have a common vision for the future. Your Goals are aligned. And you are both working towards them.

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