Dolores Cannon

Ask the Universe

The SHOCKING Truth You Must Hear...

  1. Let Go

You are not supposed to Change anyone

  1. some are already advanced / enlightened
  2. other ones are deep into negativity - we cannot make a difference
  3. ones in the middle who are deciding which way to jump - we have to reach them

How To Manifest ANYTHING You Want In Life -

  1. focus on the Outcome to minute detail
  2. do not think of How - The Universe will take care of that - Magic - Miracle

Finding Your True Self -

Learn to let go of Karma - Dolores Cannon on Human evolution From

When to go to Earth School - You have to be everything - everything is alive - just vibrating at a different Frequency — Everything has Consciousness


You are the Director Producer Script Writer Actor

Vibration - Frequency - Energy