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Jordan Peterson first lie is that you have a career … … most have a Job

Acharya Prashant

  1. You are a career oriented Monkey -
  2. Have You Decided Your Goals in Life? - Spirituality is about having the right Career - Gautam Buddha .. all rolled into 1 ... founded a huge Sangh / Organization ... alignment between deep inner need and Occupation


David Morris - Your career is a long journey to an unknown destination without a map ... I'm the old guy by the side of the road you stop and ask directions ... The only career advice you'll ever need ...

  1. First, Learn How To Sell
  2. Follow Before You Try To Lead
  3. Find The Balance Between Talking And Listening
  4. Read
  5. Do The Little Things Well
  6. Choose Happiness
  7. Act Like A Professional
  8. Linear Isn't Better
  9. Communication Skills > Technical Skills
  10. Treat Everyone Well
  11. Master Your Mindset
  12. You Don't Understand Until You Do
  13. Question Your Desires
  14. People Love To Help
  15. Be Disciplined
  16. Take Risks
  17. Be Patient
  18. Put Work In Its Proper Place - Work has two functions a) To provide for your financial needs b) To give you something productive to do —- that is all —- If you're looking for validation or meaning from work, you'll be sorely disappointed. Put work in its place.


Your career is a long game ... You can't win if you don't stay on the field ... 6 habits for surviving - and thriving - in your career:

  1. Know Your Red Flags:
  2. Practice Perspective:
  3. Do Hard Things:
  4. Laugh At Yourself:
  5. Cultivate Friendships With People Ahead of You:
  6. Keep Short Accounts:


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