Patriji Get addicted to Meditation

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar if your Joy or Happiness depends on something … -

Paul Graham : "If there's one thing that we should be teaching kids, it's how to fight addiction. How not to get addicted to stuff. Because that is where it's all headed."

Sanjay Dutt Honest drug addiction story

Eckhart Tolle What leads to addiction in your Life Body

Addicted to something? The final solution is this || Acharya Prashant, with IIT Bombay (2022) -

- you have nothing else better to do

- they fill a deep inner void - TV / Videos / Drugs ... mmm

- videos do not pounce at you ... post midnight ... ha ha ha

- solution : Set your mind upon something good ,high , noble and then you will find that you have no time for all the petty things that surround you and can potentially attract your attention

You have to quit the mental state / people … that tense you and necessitate Smoking Drinking


I'm an addict -

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