Stress causes Inflammation - Stress can weaken your immune system.

The formula for stress is; too much to do, not enough time, and low energy. The solution to this is Meditation! Addressed, with Hon. CM Of Haryana Manohar Lal Khattar, faculty and students of Delhi University.

Fear and Desire lead to Stress

Radhanath Swami Dealing with Stress

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Stress and Sleep -

Jeff Bezos

  1. Delegate the stress
  2. "Stress primarily comes from not taking action over something that you can have some control over. So if I find that some particular thing is causing me to have stress, that’s a warning flag for me; what it means is, there’s something that I haven’t completely identified perhaps in my conscious mind, that is bothering me, and I haven’t yet taken any action on it. I find, as soon as I identify it, and make the first phone call or send up the first email message or whatever it is that we’re going to do to start to address the situation, even if it’s not solved, the mere fact that we’re addressing it dramatically reduces any stress that might come from it. So stress comes from ignoring things that you shouldn’t be ignoring, I think in large part. People get stress wrong all the time in my opinion. Stress doesn’t come from hard work, for example, you know you can be working incredibly hard and loving it."