Russell Jaffe

Make an effort to be Kind to those around you. By focusing on the good, you will feel better and become more at peace since you will pay less attention to the things in life that are causing you stress. Try to make acts of kindness a daily routine.

Finding balance in your life is crucial for overall well-being.

  1. This involves finding the right mix of work, leisure, rest, relationships, and Personal Growth. It requires self-awareness, planning, and making intentional choices. (1/2)
  2. By prioritizing balance, we can experience improved physical and mental health, greater productivity, and more fulfilling relationships. (2/2)

Some of the snacks on hand at the R&D Center and at home! When you have whole, nourishing foods readily available, you are much more likely to make healthier decisions. To learn more about the principles of Nature's pHarmacy, head to

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