Five rules for your Life from Russian Mafia Boss

  1. throw away or sell everything you have not used for one year - except Books
  2. create a good daily routine for morning and evening and stick to it - less Decisions mean more Energy
  3. stay away from small Conflicts - only pick battle for things that will matter in three years
  4. automate finances with fixed monthly investments
  5. simplify your technology - limit 10 apps from your phone right now

9 Stoic Rules for a better Life

  1. wake up early
  2. focus on effort - not results
  3. read every day
  4. strict with yourself - tolerant with others
  5. seek out challenges
  6. stay a student
  7. cut toxic people out of life
  8. life may be short - but we waste a lot of it
  9. focus on what you control

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