Robin Sharma

the 6 major anti-rules for life victory in 2022

1. Be Anti-Average. Who wants to follow the herd when it will only lead you off a cliff. Stand for higher standards than the crowd chooses. Abide by the wisest values (including honesty, courage, patience, understanding, mastery and kindness). Select activities that fuel your joy and accelerate your growth. Push work that is masterful. Exemplify possibility.

2. Be Anti-Superficial. What an era we inhabit! 10 second videos of people dancing are consumed by millions yet too many of the heroic books remain unread by most. Be a contrarian. Go deep versus really wide. Have rich conversations. Think interesting thoughts. Apply rigor and excellence and carefulness to all that you do. Be a heavyweight in a culture gone ultra-light.

3. Be Anti-Cynical. Dreams get done every day. Human beings have a gigantic capacity to accomplish the extraordinary. And each day carries with it a window into awe and wonder, if we choose to open it. So avoid the cynicism that too many good souls have allow led to cloud their sensibility to life’s wonderful beauty.

4. Be Anti-Injustice. Life’s too short to tolerate any form of mistreatment and disrespect in your orbit. If you see someone being hurt, step up. And definitely don’t allow anyone to dishonor the magic that is you. You are special and essential and important to the world. Own it.

5. Be Anti-Interruption. It’s become ever so easy to spent our limited days on earth in useless toil versus majestic flow. We are in a war: against distraction and trivial invasion. Turn off your devices for at least a few hours each day and for a full day each week. Work in quietude, on a big problem that will revolutionize the lives of those you serve. And live with greater silence, serenity and presence.

6. Be Anti-Fear. I want you—in 2022—to become superbrave. Beginning today, I wish that you’d start doing more of the things you fear. Each time you do, you take back the power that you gave to it. And grow more fearless. This is a practice. So the more you train on leaning into what terrifies you the better you’ll get at it.

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