Republic Day

Even after having spent close to two thirds of my lifetime, I didn’t know on #26thJanuary the national flag is #UNFURLED, while on #15thAugust it is #HOISTED till a close friend yesterday enlightened me about this basic fact !

The logic behind this is that on 15th August the flag is tied to the bottom of the pole, it is lifted up to the top and then hoisted.

To symbolise the #struggle for independence while lifting it up the pole and then celebrating independence by hoisting it.

While on 26th January India became an independent republic!

On the top now , free from the clutches of years of foreign occupation !

Thus the flag is tied to the top of the pole and not at the bottom as on 15th August.

Hence the Flag is UNFURLED!

(Hoist meaning to pull something up with a rope)

I am not sure how many of you know this, I didn’t know this for sure(I was hoisting the flag even on 26th January till now 😀)

Happy #RepublicDay and #FlagUnfurling in advance

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