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Try these small acts of self respect for 30 days and you'll start 2023 with a completely different mentality. A THREAD 🧵

  1. SAY NO, regularly: Emotionally healthy people understand the power of no, & respect their own boundaries.
  2. Remove yourself from drama cycles: Drama cycles are cycles where you're pulled into an issue with someone who doesn't seek solutions. They leave us feeling: burned out, dysregulated, and exhausted.
  3. Move your body: Attention to our body in a neutral (or positive way) is a sign of respect for ourselves. A brisk walk, a youtube yoga class, even dancing in the kitchen gives our bodies an outlet to release energy. You'll always feel better after.
  4. Stop gossiping: We all have issues and things we need to work on. Bonding over someone else's problems is provides us with escapism, but it doesn't create healthy (safe) relationships. When someone's gossiping, don't join in.
  5. Release the need for external validation: We all want to be liked, and we all want to belong. But, needing external validation in order to take action will only lead us to avoidance (or not even starting.) Not everyone will 'get' you and that's ok.
  6. Find things that make you happy, and do them: This one sounds trivial, but it's important. We all have passions or hobbies we love (even if we haven't discovered them yet.) Setting aside times for these things is nourishing and good for the soul.
  7. Learn your own Values: Most people are living within other people's values, or their actions don't actually align with their values. Get a piece of paper and title it: "Things that matter to me" This is the beginning of value discovery.

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