Neale Donald Walsch

Conversations with God - Communion with God

Choose the Reality you wish to Experience from a sea of Infinite possibilities - the three tools are

  1. Thoughts
  2. Words
  3. Actions


How to MANIFEST anything using this simple trick (trick the universe into delivering what you want)

98% of People SPEND TIME Doing Things That Don't MATTER! | Neale Donald Walsch | Top 10 Rules | by Evan Carmichael

  1. Shift your Values — your Life is not about you - your life is about everyone else you touch and the way you touch it ( not about setting aside your Goals Objectives Desires .. ) - enrich the lives of everyone you touch — watch the world fall in on you with Joy, Wonder and Celebration vs. Gatherer
  2. Connect with your SoulMeditation, read poetry, be quiet, dance, sing
  3. See life for what it is —
  4. fully express yourself — 98% of People spend Time Doing Things That Don't Matter! — why are we here >>> fullest expression of who we really are >>>
  5. Wake up — there is no such thing as no Choice
  6. Know who you really are — stop pleasing others and do what you are supposed to do
  7. Transform Fear — everything we are experiencing can come from only one of two places - Love or Fear -
  8. Focus on the right things — if we truly understood the real reason and purpose of life,
  9. Go with the Flow — fight to find the Gift -
  10. Be Divine — life is happening all around us - the beauty of a night sky - the wonder of a garden of flowers - feeling of love - glory of a great idea

The Four fundamental questions of life ( bonus section of the above video )

  1. who am i - i am an individuation of divinity - am an expression of God - am to God as a wave to the ocean
  2. where am i - am in the realm of the relative / physical -
  3. why am i where i am - i can experience and express my true nature
  4. what do i intend to do about that - to act our your decision and your choice about who you are


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