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On making time for what you do best - ... I encourage people to watch for those areas in life where they don’t experience distractions, there can be a very important message there ...


Mitch Horowitz has Some Advice to Rebel Against the System — and It May Not Be What You Think - - In a time when sarcasm and humiliation are standard, there are ways to resist


What is the role of the rebel in a world of coarseness and hostility? Not what you may think. Speaking tonight at

@digivoidmedia -

  1. Get away from cruel people
  2. Greet trash with silence
  3. Don’t humiliate people.

You’ll stand taller than you ever imagined.

Tarot and the Law of Cycles -

The best books on the extra-physical potentials of the mind -


None of what we are exploring here is intended to make your life or obligations any easier."—Daydream Believer (July, 2022) via


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