Life Calendar

What have you done in the last week that you will remember on your death bed?

Do you feel like you are meandering through life?

Weeks come and go without significance?

Do you waste your time, struggling to focus on what's important?

Memento mori

Drawing from the wisdom of the Stoic philosophers and the concept of Memento mori, latin for "Remember that you die", visualize your life and acknowledge your mortality.

When you know that life is short or potentially uncertain then it concentrates your mind, it gives you focus and priorities.

By acknowledging the inevitability of death, become obsessed with life.

Life Calendar

Your life consists of a finite amount of weeks, visualize each of them with a Life Calendar.

At the end of each week, fill in a square and reflect. Are your priorities correct? Are there changes you need to make?

Look forward and ask, "How am I going to make the next week one that I'll remember on my death bed?"


Adding this ritual to your week will give you the direction and motivation to truly live life.

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