Treat people with kindness - that is your legacy - https://youtube.com/shorts/tQ86xTu8Aqg

What will your legacy be? - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-your-legacy-nathan-draper/ - When you sit and take time to reflect which I hope you do after reading this, on what legacy you will leave when you move from role to role or your retirement. Be sure in the knowledge that sometimes just rolling up to work and being a good person, excellent at your job, keen to learn but also impart knowledge in helping out your colleagues in the most unselfish way will be enough to leave an everlasting impression.

Grand Mother 98, her daughter 68, her daughter 35, and her daughter a toddler....all a part of the music legacy.... this is how Indian families have kept the INDIAN classical music and dance alive.......Rag Malkauns. https://twitter.com/Girish_99999/status/1673345825873752065

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