Jensen Huang

I wish upon you ample doses of ( SAP ) Pain and Suffering -

Suhail : I once emailed Jensen cold last year and he got a driver bug fixed in 12 hours. 30 years after its founding, this guy still acts like a hardcore founder. Jensen is the best tech CEO in the game rn. -

CEO of Nvidia

On Leadership | Jensen Huang and Joel Hellermark - -

  1. 40 direct reports, no 1:1s
  2. No status reports, instead he "stochastically samples the system"
  3. Everyone has all the context, all the time
  4. No formal planning cycles

In 2011, Jensen Huang held this incredible 60-minute lecture at Stanford. $NVDA has returned an insane 140x since then. The lecture covers topics such as NVIDIA's early days, risk-taking, innovation, the importance of a strong corporate culture, and more. Enjoy!

Jensen Huang, the founder of Nvidia, just gave a commencement speech in Taiwan.

  1. Humility
  2. Perseverance
  3. Focus

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