நோய்கள் வர காரணம் சூடுதான் ( Body Heat ) ..! உடல் சூட்டை சமன் செய்தால் நோய்கள் நீங்கும்.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpivG57S2Us

  1. Bath ( Cold Shower !? ) after waking up
  2. weekly - nalla ennai bath - wash off with arappu / seeyakkai
  3. coconut milk - drink a tumbler - body will change to alkaline - if cooked, cholesterol
  4. at night - 5 drops of coconut oil on navel OR on feet base

Edward Bach : “Behind all disease lie our fears, our anxieties, our greed, our likes and dislikes”

Karauli Sarkar more than 90% due to Mind https://youtube.com/shorts/drbNDuE6NrQ

Pradeep Vijay Can we Heal all physical problems with MeditationYeshttps://youtu.be/0460Rin15Po

Healer Baskar 5 root causes for disease https://youtube.com/shorts/ImgvjLqt_TQ

  1. blood quantity
  2. blood quality
  3. blood deficiency
  4. manasu kettuponaa
  5. arivu kettuponaa

Urinary bladder issues due to Fear https://youtube.com/shorts/vMocVm9Nc9o

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