BK Shivani

Create High Vibration Thoughts in every Situation https://youtu.be/MbQvHFIaMng

Stop Wasting Your Energy On People https://www.youtube.com/shorts/7SnQumKvMxQ

Make this your Mantra - "I am a yogi soul...my every thought and word is a blessing for people and situations. I eat only prasad...satvik food, cooked and consumed with divine feelings. The money I earn is pure. I sleep early and wake up early...I am a yogi soul.” - https://twitter.com/bkshivani/status/1482514185401610244

Remind yourself: “I am a royal soul. I am the ruler of my mind & intellect. Every thought, decision & behaviour is my choice. My mind creates only pure thoughts. My intellect takes the right decision which increases my inner power, happiness & health. I am the master of my life. - https://twitter.com/bkshivani/status/1488312391167320064


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