Apricot Pie

There is something in every person which detects pompous nonsense which

masquerades as profound thought. Zen is especially delighted at exposing

this kind of wasteful conduct, which is silly at the least and dangerous

at the worst. A modern version of a classic anecdote is illustrative.

A man ate two slices of apricot pie made by his wife. That evening, in

bed, he suddenly sat up. 'A thought of tremendous philosophical

significance has occurred to me,' he announced.

'Let me hear it,' requested his interested wife.

'First, please, bring me the rest of that apricot pie.'

When the pie was brought, he finished the last piece.

'Now, please,' said his wife, 'tell me your thought of tremendous

philosophical significance.'

Her husband replied, 'Never go to sleep while you still have apricot


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