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Rama Rama … Siva Siva … https://youtu.be/h8vYw34H8GA

4 things to remember every single day https://youtube.com/shorts/Mn9TgntWGsk

Sulthana Parveen … sunrise … https://youtube.com/shorts/X2jmXioMWSg

a [Cinema] a day … https://youtube.com/shorts/w-4cpUKpA7Y

Write a Note to Your Spouse Every Day - https://jdnoc.com/note/

Here’s a general outline of what I write:

# Gratitude (for her, her hard work, her amazing looks, etc.)
# What I’m working on today.
# What I’m working towards (goals, deadlines, etc.)
# Anything I’m excited about.
# Anything that’s bothering me (stress, anxiety, pessimism, etc.)
# Ideas that I have (parenting, fixing the home, work related, etc.)
# Transactional stuff (finances, things I need to take care of, stuff I need to remember, etc.)
# Questions (are there any events coming up, are we doing a date night this week, etc.)
# Gratitude (for the life we have, the things we have, the time we have, the kids we have, etc.)
I don’t write every section every day, but those are the general categories I usually fall into. The note usually takes me just shy of a half-hour if I’m not distracted.

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